“This is a fantastic piece. It’s one of my personal favorites, and one of the gallery’s absolute treasures!”
–Museum Director

My new work, A Picture Gallery, is now on view at MMX, Linienstrasse 142/143, Berlin, until the beginning of December.

For A Picture Gallery, I wanted to imagine and dramatize the space around a picture. To do this, I staged the physical environment, by dressing up one of the rooms of MMX as a mock museum gallery, and I also composed fictional viewers’ encounters and discussions within this space, as a screenplay for six episodes. These six short scenes were shot in the museum set, and the results are on view in the same room.

A specific picture is never present in A Picture Gallery—it is neither shown visually in the video, nor described in the dialogues. The discussions avoid describing any particular painting. In the version now on display, there is only a green screen inside the gold frame on the wall, gesturing to the green screen’s role as a projection screen for special effects. In a second version of the piece, the empty frame will open on to infinity in the form of a superimposed image of the same space where the video takes place, repeated again and again.

Similarly, the video itself has no beginning, middle, or end, but is composed as a loop, a series of episodes that can be shown in any order.